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10 Best Shopify Themes with Modern Ecommerce Websites Design

The design of your ecommerce store plays a crucial role! Here are the best Shopify themes with modern and appealing ecommerce websites design to consider when building your store!


The design of your online store can make or break your website – leading to a total disaster or converting visitors into customers.


Although you are eager to get your new website up and running as soon as possible, it is essential to first make sure you choose the right ecommerce websites builder.


Shopify is undoubtedly the market leader. Known as one of the best ecommerce websites solutions with lots of features and feature-rich themes. Whether you need a theme for your ecommerce website or to use for your next website project, Shopify gots you covered.

Ecommerce Solution Shopify: Theme Features

Aside from the fact that each theme blends in with your brand, your ecommerce website should have a few essential features that will make your online store stand out and delight your website visitors.


When looking for Shopify ecommerce templates, make sure they have these features:

  • Cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendly, and responsive design
  • Clean, simple, modern, and easily customizable
  • Customer support, great reviews, and quality coding
  • Built-in custom settings dashboard that allows you to modify the template to your needs and preferences.


With the perfect Shopify theme, you are starting your ecommerce business with a great ecommerce websites design. Now, all you need to do is set up, add custom product information, add branding, and optimize your business for online sales.

10 Best Shopify Themes with Stunning Ecommerce Websites Design

These Shopify themes will make your ecommerce site stand out:



  1. Gecko A responsive Shopify theme with different layouts and homepages. Clear, simple, and inviting, comes with an array of shortcodes, theme options panel, and integration with Instagram.
  2. Fastor A multipurpose theme that has lots of updates since the first version. You can choose from different skins available.
  3. Shopier This theme embraces everything the Shopify platform has to offer including stylistic options, and more.
  4. Jasper This theme uses 6 different layouts combined with boxed variants. The product page is especially interesting.
  5. Banita A multi-concept Shopify template serving all kinds of ecommerce websites design and projects.
  6. Foodly The perfect theme for your grocery store! Notice the culinary-specific features that immediately convince visitors to purchase something.
  7. Simolux A high street-fashion and modern design packed with all the features you would expect from the Shopify store.
  8. Material – A responsive and multi-purpose template suitable for any kind of online store.
  9. Hosoren Elegant and clean template designed for professional businesses and online shops.
  10. Logancee – The perfect combination of modern and elegant design with lots of features.


Your website design is an important element of your business success and should be done right!